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 The Graviers Wide Gape TIC Hook

TIC Hooks are sold in packs of 20.

Size 6 & 4 Now in stock

 WIN a 2 year+ supply of TIC Hooks








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UK  1 x pack of 20 hooks £13.00 + £2.00 p&p

2 or more packs of 20 hooks £26.00 + £3.00 p&p


Euro  1x pack of 20 hooks 15.00 + 2.00 p&p

2 or more packs of 20 hooks 30.00 + 3.50 p&p

Payments will be by bank transfer, these hooks are sold direct from the Fishery in Dijon.

0rders by email please

The Graviers Tic hook is set be the ultimate game changing, problem solving hook for today’s Carp angler…. an anti ejection hook specifically designed for use with the “self hooking” rigs we all use in modern day Carp fishing, and to target those rig wise Carp…. In fact it’s almost an unfair advantage!


All other Carp hooks have barbs of similar sizes, traditionally positioned in similar positions below the hook point…. and these hooks require considerable applied pressure to penetrate beyond the barb to obtain a secure and non ejectable hook hold…. and that’s even if they are mega sharp!


You know when a Carp picks your rig up, especially when fishing longer distances…. it’s your lead you are relying on to hopefully get the hook point to penetrate beyond the barb and become non ejectable, hopefully causing the fish to then bolt…. and giving you the take back at the rod.


Proof, just look at the ridiculous sized leads (8 ounces +) some anglers use if they can get away with it, just to ensure they pop that barb through when a fish picks up their rig.


Things were different 25 / 30 years ago…. before the evolution of today’s modern Carp rigs, not many fish had learnt how to eject our hooks before they panicked and bolted, as basically they had just not been fished for as much with these modern types of rigs back then.


Now add 25 years of experience in picking up these semi fixed bolt rigs to that, and you will realize that your dealing with a different reality now… They have learnt how to eject your hooks!


The Tics new “Nano” barb technology twinned with it’s needle sharp point and back up main Micro barb guarantee an instant penetration and fixation that stays attached even with the most cautious of feeding Carp, and even when using the lightest of carp leads!


This instant fixation of the Nano barb

prevents hook ejection at that critical

moment a fish picks up the rig,

when it realizes there’s a hook in it’s


This results in a considerably

higher percentage of positive bite

indication, and successful hook up’s.

..and as mentioned particularly from

all those tentative feeding wary Carp

that have become so good at ejecting

our hooks these days when only the

tip of the point is in!

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size 6 front for printing.JPG

The Tics Nano barb is positioned much closer to the needle sharp

hook point, which changes everything on the pick up….


Leads as small as 1.2oz / 34g will penetrate the Nano barb, resulting

in an instant non ejectable hook hold and a positive bite indication

back at the rod…..

The main Micro barb is then popped through as the angler tightens up

and play’s the fish…. as it would do with the conventional Carp hooks

you are using at the moment… If you had got the take that is!


Surely you must have wondered with all those other carp hooks how

many fish are spitting that hook out and getting away with it before

you actually get any indication back at the rod, because the barb has

not taken hold on the pick up? …. I bet that drives you crazy.

The Graviers Tic hook has been designed and introduced by Luke Moffatt of The Graviers fishery, in Dijon, France. Renowned for his stance on fish care and safety at his fishery…..


Luke, and freinds carried out extensive testing of this hook before it’s release.

Testing not only for damage risk assessment and hook strength compared to other barbed Carp hooks ….but also for it’s effectiveness and superiority in successful hook up’s when compared to other standard barbed Carp hooks.


Mouth damage assessment

The Graviers Tic Hook was tested extensively along side other popular brand barbed Carp hooks and was found to cause NO more damage than other standard barbed Carp hooks.


Effectively the Nano barb, despite it’s initial efficient hold, proved extremely easy to remove from captured fish due to it’s small size… as the hole eventually created by the hooks main wire diameter and 2nd barb during the fight, would obviously be larger than that made by the Nano barb itself.



During damage assessment testing, 27 Carp were caught on the same size 6 Tic hook before the point of the hook required light sharpening… the same hook then went on to catch a further 14 fish before eventually being changed.


Hook strength testing

Time was also taken to test the Tics strength against other popular Carp hooks which as expected due to the high quality carbon forged steel

resulted in an above average score for overall strength.


But these strength tests were also done to test the strength of the Tics point, because of the positioning of the extra Nano barb.


Results showed that the Nano barb has not weakened the hook point at all due to it’s small size, and the precision cutting used to form it.

So effectively the hooks “Nerve” has not been compromised by the Nano barb…. and it’s the Nerve of a hook that gives it it’s strength during the forging process.


Effectiveness testing

Each hook was tied to a nylon hook link, and positioned on the soft flesh at the side of the interior of a Carp’s mouth with thetip of the point just resting on the surfaceof the skin….

(These tests were carried out on fish that had died naturally at the fishery)

nano close up (3).jpg

Lead weights, gradually increasing in size were then carefully attached to the other end of the rig and suspended below the hook position to evaluate exactly how much weight was required for each hook to penetrate beyond the barb, and effectively become “non ejectable”.


In the chart below you can see that the other popular Carp hooks used in the effectiveness tests required a least 4 times the weight, and more in most cases... to penetrate beyond the barb and establish a secure and non ejectable hook hold.


This hook will obviously not please the barbless hook brigade… but I’m convinced it will rapidly find it’s place at the top end of the barbed hook domain, and I’m sure that most Carp anglers will be easily convinced of it’s capabilities.


The Hand Test

For those who have the courage… a simple test is to stick the hook in the back of your hand, and once the Nano barb has penetrated just try and shake it out, it’s virtually impossible!

Try it yourself… no teeth gritting required, the Nano barb pop’s in easily and does not even hurt.


Even a dedicated “Power Wanker” would struggle to shake the Tic hook out of his hand once the Nano is in… even at full speed!


So, why “TIC” ? …..Well, in the insect world the parasitical Tick will lie in wait with it’s Nano barbed legs extended out to latch on to any thing that brushes against it…. you can’t feel it attach itself, but once it is attached, it stays attached.


    TIC Hooks are sold in packs of 20!


  Size 6 NOW AVAILABLE, and size 4 due out early October...

   UK  1 x  pack of 20 hooks £13.00 + £2.00 p&p

           2 or more packs of 20 hooks £26.00 + £3.00 p&p


   Euro  1 x  pack of 20 hooks  15.00 + 2.00 p&p

             3 or more packs of 20 hooks  30.00 + 3.50 p&p


Payments will be by bank transfer, these hooks are sold direct from the Fishery in Dijon.

0rders by email please ....

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