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From the end of the 2019 season, the new type of "Carp boat rods" are no longer allowed at The Graviers.

I have found these new style "boat"rods which are 9ft to 10ft in length, way too powerfull for carp fishing and totally unnecessary...

(as per restrictions page...I would recommend 12ft rods with a maximum of 3lbs test curve)


Winter 2017... I have now decided to add a few new fish to the Main lake, with the idea being to boost the feeding activity a bit throughout the quieter weeks...

It's fairly common knowledge within the angling world, that just a handfull of new fish introduced into a lake can considerably increase feeding activity. It's a little trick used by fishery managers to boost feeding amongst the carp population, and increase the average number of takes.

The fish I have added have been quarantined for 2 years to ensure they are compatible with the existing Main lake stock... Ten scaley mirrors originally from the Long lake were kept in a quarantine pond, along with 2 small "test" fish from the Main lake. After 2 years..they got the all clear to be stocked, and will be introduced gradually, along with the 2 Mainlake test fish.

Below are a few examples of the newly stocked fish...their average weight was about 18 lbs.

During their time in the quarantine pond..these stock scaley's spawned, and produced some amaizing scaley's for the future!....which have been moved to a different pond to be grown on.

A few examples in the photos below...

Weed under control....

As many would have witnessed..from around 2012 to 2015..we had a considerable weed problem here at the lake.. and what a curse it was!...if like me, you have a non drainable gravel pit...with a weed problem, then read the rest of this.

The weed is now well under control here, and we can play fish from the bank again finally.

After many attempts to re-gain control via various forms of manual extraction, and a few other home forged ideas...I ended up going through the "dye your lake blue" was the only way out.... trust me.

End a weed free lake, with the exeption of a few small beds in the margins..(ideal)..which amaizingly closely resembles the colour my lake was when I first saw it back in 2001!

What a product! the crap out of working yourself to death trying to beat it manually...or dumping chemicles into your if they were still available that is.

I recommend this product, even though it will seem expensive, it's the only thing out there that will keep your fishery day you will need it.

Click on the Dyofix logo to go to the case any of you get hit with the curse!

Re-building the swims

Summer 2017 the lake was closed for a few weeks while I re-built the point swims...

With the wear and tear on even a well built swim, it's not long before the holes start appearing, and the posts start shifting. The weather has the most effect..strong winds sending crashing waves against a swim will eventually break it down.

So if anyone who thinks their recently built swim will last a lifetime... it won't!

I'm hoping to rebuild the other swims in 2018 too....but it's all about access. It's a lot easier once the water levels have dropped, and you can actually see what your doing!


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