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Please call for information regarding costs, group numbers, and current availability...

Seasons 2024 & 2025 > Now open for bookings...

A Standard week at The Graviers is based on the exclusive usage arangement, for groups of 2 to 5 anglers, (4 rods each).

Recently, due to demand, we have introduced "Pairs weeks".....Pairs weeks are possible to book with just 2 will be joined by a 2nd pair who will share the lake with you for the week. The pairs weeks become available once the season has started, they are not bookable in advance, and are subject to availability...Only off peak weeks are available for a pairs booking.

 Weeks on The Long Lake, are available occaisionally for 2 anglers, ideal for anglers who want plenty of fish, and who would like an insight into the Main lake while they are here.

Main lake anglers are allowed to fish the Long lake during their week, if there is no one booked on there.

CONTACT NUMBER: 0033 638 932503



A week runs from Saturday 1-pm and ends on the following saturday at 11-am.


1. To reserve a week you must send an email to go onto our Contacts list, we will need your full name and address, including post code, contact telephone number, and Email address.

2. Invitations to book will be sent out by email informing you of available weeks.

3. Your initial deposit payment when received, (within 10 days of the reservation) confirms your reservation. > Then your confirmation letter will be sent to you, For previous groups, your 2nd payment will be due approx 20 weeks before your holiday date.

For new groups both payments to will be required to confirm.

4. Payments by international bank transfer in Euros.

Please call for any further information.    0033 638 932503.

Siret number: 44462336700018




Occasionally, weeks are cancelled, or become available because of failure to confirm a reservation within the specified time.

If you would like to be on the list for any cancellations,( it's worth doing!) please send your name + address, with a contact number by email using the link below...

Important notice regarding Spawning

Spawning time is the biggest annual risk to our fish! Anglers fishing the lake in late Spring, early Summer season may find that the Carp are preparing to spawn during their week. If this is the case, anglers must remove any baits from shallow areas, and allow the fish to spawn, undisturbed. You can continue to fish in the deeper areas, until the fish have finished spawning, and will then be able to continue to fish the margins once spawning has finished. (usually lasts about 2/3 days BUT can be longer). Failure to do so will result in being banned from the lake.


Unhooking mats and weigh slings are provided.


Clean, stable boats with oars and life-jackets are supplied free of charge, providing they are returned clean and undamaged.

Electric motors are essential and compulsory at the lake...we have hire motors for those of you who don't own, or can't borrow a motor.


NOTE! ...a charge will be made for cleaning boats if they are left in an unacceptable condition.


The anglers area offers quality shower and toilet facilities, sink for washing dishes, fridge freezer for food, large capacity bait freezer, and an area for re-charging batteries, (including UK socket outlets)

Please note: There is no cooking allowed in the anglers area!



Any loss or damage of the any of the equipment, for what ever reason will be charged at replacement cost.



The lakes are within a 5 minute drive from a local supermarket and commercial centre, and 15 minute drive from all major supermarkets, and other retail centres with tackle shops, fast food, and gift shops etc.

Some groups prefer to reserve hotel rooms for the Friday night before their week starts, after the long journey, is a welcome rest before you start your fishing the next day.

Please call if you would like assistance in reserving a hotel.



Electric motors are essential, and compulsory at the lake...we have hire motors in place for those of you who don't own, or can't borrow a motor.

An echo sounder is available for hire too if required.

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