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French fishery for sale The Graviers Dijon


With maintenace equipment: €600,000.00 ..(Euros) + French Notaire fees.


Without maintenace equipment: €570,000.00 ..(Euros) + French Notaire fees.

#carplakeforsale #lakesforsale #Frenchlakeforsale #carpbusinessforsale #fisheryforsale

Message to all Graviers existing and future clients

I would like to assure everyone that regardless of the fishery being on the market at the moment, I will personally guarantee that both any deposits paid, and weeks reserved will be honoured.


In the eventuality that the fishery is sold in the future, which may not even happen!! ….. I will be including a legal clause within the act of sale which guarantees the safeguard of any deposits paid, and that of any weeks reserved, will be honoured by any new owner at the exact same cost to the client as when they reserved their week, and for the exact dates reserved with no exceptions.


So… Don’t worry. Your bookings and deposits are safe.


Luke Moffatt, The Graviers Dijon.



This is an ideal chance for either a single investor, or a group of investors to acquire a first class, French carp fishing business.


The sale is for the up and running business, and includes the house, the commercial leasehold for the Main lake, the fishing rights lease on the Long lake, the entire stock of both lakes, and the various plant required to run the fishery.




The business is set up on a commercial leasehold for the Main lake (lifetime renewable lease), and a fishing rights lease for the Long lake.

French commercial leases are extremely well protected by law in favour of the lease holder (tenant), providing perpetual duration, and unrestricted development opportunities, comparable to a freehold situation.


I would like to ask anyone that is NOT interested in acquiring a Leasehold, to not make enquiries please.



Main lake 25+ acres, plot 33.75 acres (13.65Ha)….(Fish to 89+ lbs, estimated stock value of over €250k+)


Long lake 5 acres, plot 9.5 acres (3.84 Ha)….(estimated stock value of €60k+)


House surface area 200m2,…. owners living area 120m2


2 x Chalets, 28m2 and 24m2… (construction of further chalets already favourable)


5 x stock pond facilities…. (with quarantined stock)


The site entirely fenced and gated, with cctv system


Material included:

 Lawn mower / 3.5 Ton digger / Ifor Williams tipping trailer / Hire Boats, engines/ Chainsaws and various other equipment required to run the fishery.

Further optional equipment also available.



Interested parties are invited to contact me directly by email:

 to receive further detailed information.


You will be required to supply your full contact details, including full name and proof of address, and email and contact numbers.


I have drafted a detailed document regarding the sale, which along with other information will be made available initially for interested parties….this will explain the details of the sale.

There is also a code accessed page on the website to visit the house and installations.


Further information will then be made available following a positive visit to the fishery, and proof of status as a potential buyer.



Luke Moffatt,


The Graviers Dijon

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