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Q;    What equipment is supplied on our week, and what do we need to bring?

A;    We supply  Unhooking mats & Weigh slings, Boats & Life jackets        

       You need to bring  Landing nets (48"+), scales, Electric motors & batteries, echosounder (these can also be hired at the lake)..and of course the rest of your stuff!

Q;   What facilities are at the lake?

A;   There is a quality shower / toilet / washing up area

       Large Freezer for bait, Fridge freezer for your food

       UK & Euro Power outlets for charging batteries / boats / phones etc

Q:   A week at the Graviers seems expensive compared to other lakes...why?

A:  Yes if you compare it to lakes with large numbers of anglers on them then it at The Graviers, we have less anglers sharing the lake..usually 4 to 6 anglers on 25 acres, so they can move about, fish different areas, stalk etc less people on will make the per head price more expensive...

Q;   Is the lake weedy?

A;   Not any more...

       We had a lot of weed back in 2015..but have now eliminated that.

Q:   Can we play the fish from the bank...or do we have to use the boats?

A;   Fish can now be played from the bank, because the weed has now gone.

Q;   Can we use Bait boats?

A;   Yes

Q;   Can we use markers?

A;   H blocks, and float markers can be used, providing a snap off week link (3 lbs) is added between the float and the lead.

    Conduit / tube markers are not allowed.

Q;   Where do we park our vehicules?

A;   You can park in the swims... and drive around the fishery, providing you stick to the speed limit of 15kmh.

Q    Can we bring a non fishing guest?

A;   It's possible to arange that in advance...just have to call. There is no charge for non fishing guests,

Q;   Do you check our rigs?

A;   Yes, at the begining of your week, before you start fishing... Just to ensure your lead ejection works correctly, and that your rigs correspond with the restrictions in place. (please read restrictions page)

       After that..I will not ask you to wind your rods in to check them.

Q;   Why do we have to handle fish in the water?

A;   Short limit the risk of injury, and to reduce the discomfort and stress to the fish.

Q;   Which particles are allowed at the lake?

A;   There is a particle restriction here, accepted particles are listed below;

       Hemp / Sweetcorn / Vitalin  /  Flaked maize (available here)

       Tiger nuts > Are no longer allowed at the lakes. If your hookbaits are getting destroyed, which does not happen often, I will supply a small jar of Tigers for hookbaits only.

Q;  Are glass containers allowed at the lakes ?

A;  Glass is no longer collected by the authorities, so if you bring glass bottles and jars, you will have to take the empty with you.

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