No Sacking

* No braided mainlines. No leaders of any type, (inc leadcore or Nylons)

* No Long shank Nailer type, or any type of curved shank / or modified hooks. Hooks must be barbed!

* Minimum 0.35mm diametre mainline, (including hooklengths)

* Maximum of 4 rods per angler, (Never to be left unattended)

* Only Baitboats on the Long lake.

* Particle restrictions at the lakes......please call / email regarding restrictions

* No litter / No crapping / No moaning.

* All fish to be handled, weighed and photographed in the water.





This lake of around 5 acres is intended as a fun, runs water. Ideal for anglers who want plenty of action, and still have the chance of a big fish.

Heavy baiting tactics tend to be the way forward here, the lake has around 160 adult carp in it, and not a great deal in the way of natural food as it's a relatively new pit.

                                                   Long lake in 2002...bankside vegitation has increased considerably since.  


Originally intended as a replacement stock facility for the Main lake for the future, I decided to open it for fishing based on the quality of the fish that were introduced. In 2002, about 185 carp to 45 lbs were stocked, with several over 40 lbs.  


There is an extremely good chance of fish over 30, and the average catches are between 30 and 40 fish per week per group! if you give them the grub.

                                                             NEW... lake record, 50.04 lbs, Derrick Harris, April 2006!


The carp of the Long lake have shown a steady weight increase, and are clearly responding well to their feeding program and to the anglers baits.

The fish have reproduced in this lake, as would be expected, so sometimes the small carp (7 to 13 lbs) can be a nuisance to the angler if small baits and feed are used.

Zander have now been introduced (winter2004) as the resident and only predator, this should keep the risk of over production by the carp down to a minimum as the Zander tend to attack prey from the fry to 2 year stage

Another plus point with this predator is that they tend not to strike at carp anglers rigs as is often the case with Pike.

There are two large double swims on the lake to base yourself's at, and the lake can

then be explored and fished by stalking or floater fishing when the weather is good. 4 other stalking/overnighter swims have also been created. High banks around the lake are a bonus for fish spotting, and casting to cruising fish.

Float fishing on the Long lake has proved to be a very worth while method. It's possible to catch several fish a day if you keep on the move, and fish several different spots. The floats also seem to produce takes when the bottom rigs are quiet..You don't seem to have to wait very long for takes using this method.

Surface fishing is also good fun on this lake, the Carp are often fed on floating food, and have become used to taking off of the top.

It's an ideal water to perfect your surface and float fishing approaches, as the fish are relatively co-operative.

The same rules apply as on the Main lake, with the only exception being that boats are not allowed on the Long lake. At between 50 and 80 meters wide it's easy casting, there are no snags and (usually) very little weed.



























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