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   How to WIN

 a 2 Year+ supply


If you are already a "Graviers Wide gape TIC HOOK" user....then you could win a *2 year supply of these awesome game changing Hooks with a simple plug on Facebook!

(*400 hooks of your choice / value £260 / €300)

How to enter....

You have until the end of 2023, to post on Facebook a catch report,with photos of any nice fish, or good session you have while using the Tic's.....and then let me know you have posted it of course!

Your post could include a short write up on your catch, some photos of the fish, mention of the rigs?, and your Tic hooks... you can use Hook photos from the website if you want, and remember to #TICHOOKS

Or just a simple mention / hash tag of the TICHooks with your photo...

*It could be the capture of a difficult fish in from difficult venue, that you have been after for years!

*It could be a sudden but noticable increase in your catch results over a period since using the Tic's...

*It could be the sesh of a lifetime,or a nice fish from a Carp venue in Europe somewhere.

I will then share your posts on my own Facebook group "The Graviers Dijon"... and at the end of the year, based on the catch report select a winner,and 2 runners up, so 2nd and 3rd place!

Winner recieves 400 Tic hooks

2nd & 3rd place recieve 100 Tic hooks

You can join the Graviers Dijon Facebook group by simple request, and just tag me in on your posts when you add your post to your own Facebook timeline, or Public fishing group.

You can post as many times as you want!


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