THE  GRAVIERS           bored shitless corona season crossword


1. Banned around the lake...but there is a facility here for it, (3) Winney the ?

2. A feed stimulant found and available in DT baits. (3 initials)

4. No Tea and Coffee if you forget this. (3) American petrol

6. No good for Carp fishing line normally, but with the hair it’s ok. (7) ok for marker rods

7. Essex based bait company. (2 initials)

8. The water?...or your hook baits? (4) not soft

9. For easy don’t need to go far. (4,4) 5 acres at Graviers

10. Which school ? Often referred to. (3) not so young

13. Label given to a certain size category of Carp.(6,4) under 30

15. Favourite bank side beverage (3) not coffee

17. A lake yes...but what type? (6,3) not clay or sand

19. Well known name in the angling world, spent a lot of time living at The Graviers, persued by many (3,4,4) not human

20. A modern day “text” abbreviasion...often used on sight of some our fish.(3 initials)

21. Not many waters can boast of this in their past...Ladies and Mens (5,6) guiness book?

24. If you have fished Graviers, then you have probably fished this. (3,5,4) has a hut on it

26. Well known feature in the lake. (3,1,3) it’s in the corner

29. These are the nuts. (5) particle

35. Can be useful for fish spotting sometimes. (4) leafy

38. If the Carp don’ definitely will when you fish here.(3)

40. For weed and for bait..they come in handy.(7) boilies to crumbs

41. Un welcomed visitors to the Bivvy. (4) nests underground

42. After 7 could end up with this.(5) before nine

43. You will need these to visit the Euro zone. (5) currency

45. Luke’s famous Uncle… an angling Gandalf, and creator of Linear fisheries. (3,4)

48. From the Hive…. Wound sealer.(8) From the Koi industry

49. An activity for Spring time...but not always.(5) reproduction

52. A carp?...or a Fishery? (6) scaley...oxford

54. Catching carp is better than this...according to some anglers! (3)

56. You can easily do this with all your bait, if they are feeding.(3)

57. Not the best food for carp… and us lads would be lost without them.(4) growler

59. So called fish attractor… we don’t want it here though.(3) korda

61. If you forget your’ won’t be doing much fishing.(4) you can change when driving

62. Don’t feed them enough, and they will look this way.(4) non fatty meat

64. Forgot to pack your bait?… these lads can deliver anywhere.(3 initials) couriers

65. Bald, and never ducks. (4) water fowl

68. Would you like to catch a 80 pounder? (3) just answer the question

69. Fishing the Winter?...don’t forget this .(3) and your gloves

70. An ancient family of fishes found in the USA.(3) sharp teeth, over 100lbs


3. Great place for a bait. (6) against the bank

5. Some wire…. And some hooks (6) hooks with a micro version

8. Important part of any rig…. Long or short.(4,4) hook one end, swivel the other

11. Heavy and light rods both have this… (2, initials)

12. Who makes our unhooking mats? (9) aquarius

14. “I’m ** ”… a common announcement when you connect with a fish.(2) not out

16. Essential to weigh your fish (5) or for a broken arm

18. What the carp are fed on now at Graviers. (5,5) cold water boilie

22. Great carp attractor. (4) particle

23. Family name of a distinguished, intelligent, attractive, brilliant, angling executive who’s always at the Graviers. (7) you all must know this one

25. Originally, I wanted all my fish to have this name.(4) tv channel with the same name

26. The complete opposite of what we all aim to catch. (4,4) very small

27. A sanctuary for all anglers….just nice to be there.(4) bigger than a pond

28. More important to Fishery managers really… it’s a balance in effect. (2 initials)

29. Winter fishing, not such fun without this kit.(7) hats/socks/gloves

30. Day sessions? had better start this way. (6) not late

31. Your biggest fish. (initials)

32. Pain in the ass in the middle of the night when fishing, (5) slab

33. Nearest village to The Graviers. (7)

34. To describe a huge fish, or a great green bait.(5) beauty and the ?

36. Essential kit...some float, some don’t… and you can even clean your boots with them. (3) unhooking

37. Popular Carp…. Even the small ones.(6) nick name carp with lots of scales

39. Response if you ask Luke for a tip.(2)

40. Great place to fish (8) near Dijon

44. A religious blasphemy … often used by Luke. (4,4) turd with holes in

46. The only solution for too much weed. (3) normally blue

47. Not the most popular, but a great time to fish.(6) cold

50. One of the Graviers heavy weights.(5,4) can go over 88 lbs

51. Same answer as 31 across ;0)

52. Got to have item for most rigs today…. But don’t go too heavy. (5) swivel/inline

53. Can sometimes help, and sometimes ruin things…but we all listen to them.(4) the very end of your rods

54. Local super market to Graviers. (5,1) at arc sur tille

55. Wise move, but an obligation for a holiday to Grav’s (9) can claim with this

58. Great way to feed… to boost your swim.(7) more than once a day

60. An alternative term for netting a fish.(4)

61. Nice hard spot.(6) bars

63. Every last one counts...when it could be your biggest fish.(6) pounds and?

66. Who would you like to catch the new world record carp? (2) just answer the question

67. You can get this at Graviers, but not on the Main lake.(4,7) not difficult angling

71. A lake’s level of this, could affect your results.(5) how many fish

72. Well known fact at Graviers… you can’t do this anywhere around the lake.(8) not in bags/buckets either

73. Best bait on the planet.(5,4) yellow particle