Believe it or not, the main reason I started my Catfish trips on the river Saone back in 1996, was in fact to fund myself in France  whilst I looked for a suitable water, to set up a quality Carp fishery.

I didn't realize at the time, that the search for this water would take me over 3 years ! 3 years of intensive searching! Thousands of kilometers, a fortune in fuel, and all my spare time.

I visited plenty of waters during this time, lakes and etangs, but nothing jumped out at me as what I was actually looking for, bearing in mind, at the time, I didn't actually know exactly what I was looking for, if that makes any sense.

It was eventually by chance I stumbled upon this incredible lake, tucked away in this quiet corner of Dijon.


A lake that has continuously amazed me with the enormous carp that it has produced. One or two big fish from a water you could understand, especially here in France, but this lake has produced so many massive, and special fish that I still now can't believe my luck in finding this what can only be described as a very special lake.

Now six years after opening, I'm still enjoying every minute of it, watching the small fish coming up the ranks, trying to predict which will be the next monster, and wondering will I ever get a chance to catch them.

As an angler myself, I can only describe this opportunity I've had, to live and observe, on such a beautiful lake in such wonderful surroundings, as... without doubt, the best chapter of my life so far.

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