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The Carp lakes are 5 hour drive from Calais, off of the A31 autoroute, just north of Dijon.

Your week starts at 13.00 pm French time! on the Saturday, so if you plan a ferry for around 07.00 am (uk time), you should arrive here at about the right time.

Please take note!...There is no point in showing up here too early, as you will not be able to enter until the specified time.


Some guests at the lakes, prefer to drive down the day before, and take a local hotel for the night. Hotel rooms can be reserved on your behalf, please call for details;  0033 380 23 35 39



Flights take just over 1 hr from London Stanstead to Lyon airport and are very reasonably priced. Air France and Easyjet both fly to this destination. Car hire is available from Holiday Autos. Lyon airport is around a 2 hour drive from the lakes.


The rail service is very good, and very well priced, but it will not save you much time compared to driving down yourself. Eurostar, run from London to Dijon, via Lille without changing trains, or via Paris, but with changes made via the Paris metro.

Dijon station is 20 minutes drive from the lakes.





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