Important notice regarding Spawning

Anglers fishing the lake in the late Spring, early Summer season may find that the Carp spawn during their week. If this is the case, anglers must remove any baits from shallow areas, and allow the fish to spawn, undisturbed.

You can continue to fish in the deeper areas, until the fish have finished spawning, and will then be able to continue to fish the margins, once spawning has finished. (usually lasts about 2 days).


* No Sacking

* No braided mainlines. No leaders of any type,

   (inc leadcore or Nylons)

* No Long shank Nailer type,

   or any type of bent/curved shank hooks. Hooks must be barbed.

* Minimum 0.35mm mainline,

   (including hooklengths)

* Maximum of 4 rods per angler,

   (Never to be left unattended)

* Boats, Only the fishery boats to be used,

   or you may use baitboats.

* Particles - please call/email regarding restrictions

* No litter / No crapping / No moaning.

* Fish must remain in the water at all times.

* Anglers must fish in pairs, and must have a boat in their swim. There will be no charge for the boats, providing they are returned clean and undamaged(Otherwise, a charge of £50 for cleaning the boat will be made).

Note; Electric engines are essential and compulsory at the lake, Hire engines are available if required.








Since opening in the spring of 2002, the main carp lake as we predicted has produced some truly remarkable catches. The incredible weight gain on some of the fish was probably as a direct result of the relatively new food source entering the lake in the form of anglers bait!!

The biggest carp of this season was recorded at a weight of 65lbs, showing an increase of 10lb in one season! Other fish showed similar increases with many packing on 7 to 9lbs in under a year. This is particularly outstanding when you consider quite a few of these fish were already 40lb plus!

A cracking mirror of 55lb 10oz showed for the first time in September 2003, never been seen before. Two other large mirrors were recorded at 52lb 12oz and 54lb 10oz and were caught regularly throughout this season. The mysterious big leather caught at over 55lb the first week of the season, managed  then to avoid capture for the rest of the year.
It was a year of PB's for many of our guests, with many breaking weight barriers they had been aiming for for years, myself included.

2004 the lake continued to produce larger and larger fish, as their weights continued to rise, at the same amazing rates.

A few big hits were had by number of fortunate groups, where several 50+ fish were caught during their weeks fishing.

The by now well known "Scarred fish" had hit an incredible      72lbs!,when caught by Kyle Smith, and the ladies world record was taken by Yvonne Powell with her capture of the fish known as" the Dijon Arse" at a weight of 70.04 lbs!

The tally of 50+ carp had risen to 12 different fish, and just slightly out of the limelight were also the now 40+ fish which had moved up from the 30's.

The general feeling of the anglers fishing at the lake was fast becoming a "anything could happen" buzz.

The 2005 season ,In may of this season,as many of you are aware, the "Scarred fish" hit an incredible all time highest weight, and new world record for a rod caught carp, with a weight of 83 lbs!! to Staffordshire angler, Nick Massey.This fish managed to avoid capture for the rest of the season!although spotted quite regularly in the margins( a sight to see that is)

Most of the other bigger fish continued to gain weight too, with most of the 50+ fish going over the 60 lbs mark in the spring time, and a few of the upper 40's moving up a rank. Still a handfull of "new" previously uncaught fish showed up by the end of the year, amazing they can avoid capture for so long.

On a sad note, we lost 3 nice fish during 2005. Mainly due to unsettled weather around the spawning period affecting a successful spawning. The Dijon Arse

                                     The big Leather

                                     The pop eyed mirror.

The 2006 season, one of the biggest surprises for me anyway, has been the amount of smaller carp coming through,28 individuals so far!

Fish obviously born since our arrival at the lake, and now, at 17/18/19 and 20 lbs are competitive for the food and getting caught. This small wave of new faces, can only be down to the fact that these small carp have made it through by avoiding predation, probably as a result of the increased head of small fish in the lake (bream+rudd) who have been keeping the predators busy. It can only be good news though, because we have received a welcome boost to the fishing here, without the risk of new stock, and as far as strains go, well, do you know of any better parent fish?

By the summer, the Scarred one had made 82.12 at it's highest weight for this season,and was out twice at over 80. Lot's of anglers went back home with new PB's of over 60 lbs! and average weekly catches were up compared to the last two years.The big brown one hit 67.12, and the Bulldog made 67 too, these two definitely fancy the "70 pounder" slot up for grabs at the moment!

The removal of the Bream, scheduled for spring 07, should give us a nice boost as it will free up a lot more natural foods for the carp population. 

2007 Season, unfolded all back to front with the weather!  The lakes fished well though, despite the unsettled and mixed up conditions.

Due to other things taking up lots of my time, I was not as focused as I normally am on monitoring the all of the Carp's weight gains, or looking out for any more new faces, as we found in 2006,... although, weight gain was noted on many of the bigger fish (40+) through out the season.

A steady effort was made by myself and many of the anglers to attack and remove some of the lakes Bream population through out the 2007 season. Between us all we managed around 800 x 3 lb bream!! That's over a Ton!  (The Bream are an unwanted, but un avoidable bi-product of a Carp fishery and were removed and donated to local angling clubs).

I believe some of the 2007 weight increases seen with the Carp are partially due to extra food becoming available to them as a result of the Bream population being reduced, a factor that will continue to have effect throughout 2008.

But as for 2007 weights...The big Brown one was out over 70 lbs 3 times, to 3 lucky anglers. The "most wanted" Big Linear hit an all time best at  just over 67 lbs, and the Bulldog was not far behind it! All of the 60+ fish seemed to gain weight, as did the 50 and 40 pounders, a few of our upper 40's moved up a rank too.

The mighty Scarred fish blew us all away again with 4 appearances through out the season...85.08 in the spring first time out, then out at an all time high of 87+ in early September, but then a staggering and new all time high in October of 89 lbs! (w.r) to Mezz, (Paul Meredith) from Birmingham UK.


Well, at the end of the 2008 season, and it's time for me to write a few words about what has happened as the season unfolded.

Top of the list of events again was obviously the legendary Scar, passing that magical 90 lbs barrier, at a incredible weight of 91 lbs (41.3 kilo)!!

It's a truly incredible fish, which continues to amaze us all each year as it keeps changing our opinions of the optimum weight a carp can achieve....history in the making, and it's great to be around to witness it all.

Behind the spot light though, many other notable captures and weights were achieved...

One example was the impressive Brown one, as it went over the 80 lbs mark too, in October, and looked great at the weight.

In fact, most of the fish caught this season, were showing a considerable weight gain from the previous year, up to 8lbs in some cases!... and with them already being huge fish anyway, these leaps in weight are very noticeable.

Reason?...probably partially due to the eventual 1300+, 3 lb Bream removed during the 2007 and 2008 seasons, but I would not mind betting that their "new" winter feed which I'm very happy with, has helped with their condition and contributed too.

These gains in weight are more noticeable on the bigger fish obviously, as they are what most people are actually angling for...but comparing some of the less noticeable carp as well, the weight gains have appeared through out the ranks, which is very interesting for the future.

Another observation made during 2008, was the general numbers of carp caught each week compared to previous seasons.... The weekly average catch rates had increased also!

Anglers visiting the lake admitted their surprise with the quantities of fish caught from a lake which has generally formed a reputation for being quite difficult at times.

What will the future at The Graviers bring?....No one lets sit back and enjoy the ride.


Below;  91 lbs again, this time in March 2009, to Nick Greenall.







"The buzz continues, fishing the lake and being aware of what could pick up your bait, is a feeling you can't explain!

Every time that buzzer does a beep, you can't help thinking. ...."

This lake is a balanced water and the fish are responding well to the gradual changes we have made to their environment as part of our fishery management program.

The Graviers Dijon has a fishery management program devised in association with Bedwell Fishery Services UK.











































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